Vrakos Gharai

The Press-ganged One


A female Iktotchi with an obscenely high midichlorian count. A prospective “One Who Will Bring Balance To The Force” – one who understands that this means the abolition of the Jedi Order as it now stands in the waning Republic.

Vrakos’ telekinetic powers are weak and sloppy, and her telepathy is haphazard at best. Her precognitive powers, however, are freakishly potent.

Vrakos sees herself as a virtual prisoner of the Jedi Order, and not because of anything she has done, but due to an accident of birth. Although she understands the necessity to the extent any teenager could be expected to, she nonetheless is of the mind that “the Order can take its lightsaber and go fuck itself.”

There is nothing Vrakos would like more than to go back to her people and live in peaceful obscurity. Alas, cursed with extremely high Force sensitivity, she is bound to a “Grand Destiny”. And she really wouldn’t want to become a Sith Lord and butcher people, which is pretty much what she thinks her destiny would require.

Her motivational problems have led Vrakos to become alienated from her fellow students. They actually want to be there, want to learn the Ways of the Force; she’d rather work at a drive-thru. Her academic achievements are negligible and her attitude surly and withdrawn, and her status as a prisoner is slowly coming true for the Order as well.


Vrakos Gharai

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